So there’s this weird thing that always happens to me.

The first time I noticed this I was 18. I started applying for my first full time job after doing a business admin course. Just as I was about to start applying, I started seeing the number 52 everywhere. Mostly on clocks. Mainly the numbers where 9:52 or 7:52.

Other times;

  1. Before I moved out of home with my boyfriend
  2. Just before I decided to quit my job and study again
  3. Before I finished my course and went back to the job I quit
  4. Before I bought my house with my boyfriend
  5. Before I got my promotion
  6. Before my fav boss quit (no idea it was coming except it made sense when i saw 52 everywhere. This hit me hard probably more than it should have lol he was the best)
  7. When I got my new job

These are the examples that I can remember.

I did some googling and the number 52 has to do with change, progress and new opportunities. Also 5+2= 7 which is a spiritual number.  Maybe I can sense that something is going to happen before it does? Not like telling the future but maybe my mind is more in tune to things happening before I catch up? Or maybe I have a guardian angel telling me to brace myself because there’s a huge change coming.

Now it’s time to wait for the next time….. LETS HOPE I’LL WIN THE LOTTERY!!

You can read more on “angel numbers” here! (If you believe 😜)

If you have had a similar experience, write me a comment because I want to know about it!


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