My dream of hidden rooms

Hey guys,

Last night i had my hidden room house dream again, so i thought id re-post my last 2 significant dreams that i remembered about this house!
It always begins with me in the lounge room (same house but a house that I’ve never been in) and I’m wanting to change the ugly curtains,kitchen and the wall paint.
Then I make my way to the master bedroom and there is a hidden door. It takes me to a room that is covered in dust like no one has been there in a while. It is a bedroom with a double bed, no windows and a chest of drawers also covered in dust. The bed is dressed with my old doona cover that I had when I was like 14-16 (pastel blue, pink, etc) and my hello kitty plush toys and favorite plushies are on my bed. I immediately want to clean it up and remove the dust and open a window even if there is none. I think I get a bit anxious that there is no window.
There is a door on the other side wall (not the one i entered). I walk in there and there is a whole modern lounge room, that has a stair case on the side. I walk up there and there is an inside balcony with a spa and other rooms upstairs. They are all bedrooms and everything is empty in the rooms. But the whole house is still dusty. I’m not sure how, but i go downstairs and there is a cellar/garage room, dusty again. There is door that goes beneath the ground that you can lock yourself in with those sliding locks. If you go outside the house, it looks like a regular small house, and the whole secret part is invisible and looks like it wouldn’t fit on the land.
Usually the dream stops there, but last night there was an extra room that took me to an old lounge room that had furniture in it. It felt like someone had died and never came back. It was dusty and there was a wooden coffee table with drawers. I opened them and found a mechanical pen (looked old ) with a feather at the end, a few letters that looked like they were passed back and forward between teens in a classroom and crystals. I wanted to take the crystals and “cleanse” them so I could use them for myself. (I’m a bit new agey so this isn’t weird for me) I wondered if I would get bad luck if I borrowed them even if they were in “my house” or what I thought was my house. Usually I never see an outside of a room but there was the outside veranda with a brick floor.


Two months later, the hidden rooms were back. This time there were windows on the walls in two of the bedrooms. One bedroom looked like the “Double bed” room and one looked different from any of the rooms I’ve dreamt  about in the recurring dream. I didn’t get a “oh a new room” feeling, it felt like I’d been there before in dreamland so I don’t think that part was of any significance.

This time in the dream there was a knock on the door and my neighbour came in with a painter. I showed them to my hidden  rooms and they told me I should open the windows and start clearing it out. That’s when i noticed the windows appeared. One of them was a fake window as it would have been on the back wall to my wardrobe in my real house… But the other windows had an ugly floral black curtains that were so full of dust.

The neighbour and the painter left and was all like “right let’s renovate right now I can’t stand it any longer” so I made a mental note to get my paint out of the shed (real life shed) and to open the windows. I decided to ask will if Heather (my cousin who moved back from Canberra with her husband) could move in for a while before they found their new house. (That day I spent and hour to her on the phone so that’s probably why she made an appearance haha) Before I started renovating, I walked around the other spare rooms and found a wall with closest doors. I opened them and one had a mini black chihuahua, a sports bag full of real puma and jaguars (baby ones lol) and huge black spiders in there. I specifically said to Heather “I haven’t opened this cupboard in 6 years how are these animals still alive”.  I’ve never dreamt about this cupboard. 😂

Last night, the dream started while i was in the hidden kitchen. There were all these women in my house having a mothers group type meeting. I remember being like ugh get out of my house and trying to hide by lying down on the ground in front of the bottom step on the stairs. Someone i knew came over and i tripped her cause she was annoying me and wouldn’t leave (HAHAH) then i woke up – im sure i dreamt more before this.

This really made me want to draw the actual house!! so, as you can see below, most of the house is hidden!


As I was writing, i was trying to figure out what this latest installment meant. In real life i love babies and even got my certificate in childcare, so im confused about this part. I probably wanted them out cause it was my hidden room. I did kind of think though that the hidden rooms were a sign of people not really understanding or “getting” me and that they can only see the outside and not how i really am. Weird.

Anyway. It would be interesting to know if anyone has had recurring dreams in any type of imaginary house – or it would be even cooler if this was your house and ive just blocked it out of my memory?? ahah!


Thanks for reading!



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