Lazy sunday

It was time I had gotten out of the house for the day.

It’s 4:48pm on a Sunday and I have been bribed out from the bedroom. Yes, I have gotten out of bed, I was on TOP of the bed, and only half in my pajamas… In saying that I am still currently in half of my pajamas and I am sitting in the car while my husband cleans it at the car wash. I even took the chocolate out of the fridge to take with me.

my current view

I mean, I have only been binging on “The people vs O.J Simpson; American Crime Story” since 9:30am.

I love getting things done on a Friday night or early Saturday morning, like cleaning the house or cooking some meals to freeze (yes no lie, I cooked). I feel like the weekend is wasted if I don’t relax on the weekend! I’m one of those people that likes to do one thing per day then I relax. As much as I love people, my friends and randoms (seriously random people are attracted to me I’m like a magnet) I feel like being out actually drains me. Kind of like I’ve used all my batteries for the day and need to be recharged.

This all made sence to me once I found out what Myers-Briggs personality type I was,  INFJ – you can read about it here if you are interested in these things. Mine is 100% spot on. I have said a few times this month that I refer to myself like a cat. I love to come out and play for a while but I’m quite happy and content by myself. 

My husband has just come back from a trip to Thailand. I didn’t go as I hate flying and I’m still on my probationary period at my new job. But as I hate being alone at night, I asked my friend Shae to come and stay with me! It was so much fun and she’s just like me; seriously two days we watched that new channel 9life alllllll day. Tiny houses, house hunters, renovation shows- if they weren’t all repeated half the time I’m sure we could have watched more 😜. Thanks for staying, Shae! ❤️

This post was going to go somewhere completely different but I’ll leave that for another post – that lazy Sunday life!



  1. On the weekends/holidays I try to have at least one hour of “down” time each day.
    I took the test and got ESFJ which I think fits.


      1. I was a little perplexed at “people mastery” as a title but once I read the explanation agreed. The important message is that we need to be comfortable in whatever we are.


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