Filming for Liptember and Chemist Warehouse!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to film on “what’s on in the warehouse” for Liptember and Chemist Warehouse.

For those who don’t know me in real life, I have anxiety and in 2011 I heard an ad on the radio about Liptember. It is a charity that people sponsor you in wearing lipstick everyday for the month of September. I usually wear loud or bright colours like orange, blue or green so people ask me what I’m doing and I can explain the importance of talking about mental health. All proceeds for Liptember go to the Centre for Women’s Mental Health and Lifeline. Since 2011, I have been sponsored around $6,700, how cool is that!

Yesterday, I took a day off work and traveled to Epping (I didn’t even know where that was 😜) to meet with Luke, the Managing Director of Liptember.  It took me a while to get there (just under 2 hours) but I didn’t get lost and arrived on time. I though it was quite cool how they use an actual store that customers shop in at the time of filming! I have been part of a tv ad before so I knew that there is usually a lot of waiting around. I got to see the presenters, Ed and Grace while they worked their magic. Grace actually works at Chemist Warehouse which was great and that’s actually how I got to be a part of the Forty Winks ad that I was in a few years ago when I worked there.

I already put a little bit of makeup on before I left, however I got touched up and the make up artist applied on the most important cosmetic on me, lipstick! 

When they were ready for me, we walked into the makeup aisle.There were two cameras and a few lights around and everyone was relaxed and casual. I had my mic taped in between my boobs and my boot heels taped so they didn’t make clunking noises when I walked. The plan was to walk and talk with Grace , I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to do two things at once πŸ˜‚. We were the positioned in front of the Revlon stand and we had a few practices (and a lot of tounge-tied words by me) I don’t even know how actors do it. I had to answer 3 questions and one of them I wrote the answer to myself and it was difficult to remember! Haah! I am very forgetful though. I could never be on tv if it involves a script πŸ˜‚. It was so much fun though doing something different. In the Forty Winks ad, I had to act “shy”, I’m not shy I was just nervous lol and in this ad I was a “special guest”. I kept thinking that people were going to be told there is a special guest called Rikki-Lee, they’d probably be expecting someone famous like Ricki-Lee Coulter… (I get that every day on the phones at work I swear, I’m used to it lol)

After it was finished, I got lost on the way home but managed to get home before peak hour traffic started waaahoooo.

Here’s a few behind the scenes pictures that Luke took.

I will upload the video once it’s on YouTube and include a link for donations πŸ™‚ *edit – here it is πŸ˜‚*

Can’t wait for September!


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