Hey guys!

Sorry, I have been super slack in writing this blog at the moment…. But for a good reason! There was literally only one thing for me to write about as I have been super boring, but I didn’t want to write about it until just over 3 weeks ago! We are having a baby! Today I am just over 15 weeks pregnant!

Since my last post I have literally been going to work, the occasional wedding and that’s about it. I haven’t been feeling very well since the end of August.

It started one Friday afternoon. I was just about to finish work and was ready to start the weekend, however, my throat started killing me again. (A week before it was infected) “Oh shit, I’m getting sick again”. I went to the doctors again and was given more antibiotics and was told I had a sinus infection this time. In the toilet at Coles, just after picking up my medicine I felt like I was going to pass out and then I vomited and had to sit down on the dirty toilet floor (so gross but the amount of times I have done this while panicking when u feel sick when I’m out LOL). I felt like crap but then I got home and went to bed. After that happened, I had a really weird dream that I was at the hospital and my husband was telling me he wanted to go see his friend and I told him that I will come with him in a second- “just let me push out the baby and we’ll go”. I then started panicking we had literally nothing ready for this baby and would have to take the baby home naked lol. Then I woke up and took a pregnancy test and bam it said I was pregnant. There was no missing period telling me that I was pregnant, just a dream. If I had waited a few more days I would have found out once my period never came but my mind wanted to beat me to it!

I told people close to me very early on. Most of them around 5 weeks. I am a very open person and I don’t believe miscarriage is anything to be ashamed of if it was to happen to us. But the main point- I’m terrible at secrets and can’t lie very well. 

Morning sickness started for me at 7 weeks. Firstly with all day nausea, then with added gagging, then with full on vomiting 3 times a day- just before I leave for work, lunchtime and just before bed. There had been 6 days in 8 weeks that I haven’t been sick. Although it’s annoying, once I’m sick I’m all good. As long as I’m close to a toilet I don’t mind but I can’t help it when I’m out and my anxiety likes to come back and annoy me when I’m not at home. I was told that it’s a good sign if you are sick… Not sure if that’s to make me feel better or if it’s a fact!

I told my two bosses when I was 8 weeks. I knew if I didn’t do it that day, I would be caught being sick or they would find out through someone else. I felt extremely guilty because I only started there in January and I didn’t want to upset them. Of course they were happy for me because they literally are the kindest bosses I have ever had! I’m going to miss my colleagues when I’m on maternity leave but hopefully there is a place for me to come back to!

At 10 weeks, we chose to have the harmony test. This is where they test the mothers blood for chromosome abnormalities and other things. A bonus of this is you can choose to be told what the baby’s sex is! This is the first time I had an ultrasound that looked like an actual baby (I had one at 7 weeks to check out some cramping). The baby was moving and stretching around and it was the weirdest thing to see as I couldn’t feel a thing! We were told about a week later that we were having a boy! Now I was so happy I heard we were having a boy. When it sunk in, I didn’t know how I could be a mum to a boy. I just don’t get boys! I literally have had it in my head that I was having a girl and that my first will be a girl. I should have shut down that thinking a few year ago lol! Mind you I’ve never been a mother to a girl either so I have a lot to learn!

Tonight, I am finishing up the long weekend with a bloated stomach and a massive headache, but you know what, if that means I get to cuddle my baby boy at the end of April, then I will take it happily!

Thanks for reading you guys – happy Tuesday! Xx

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