The first 20 weeks

Boy oh boy, literally. Growing a human is a very tiring process!

This little nugget had made this mummy-to-be very sick from 7-16 weeks. Thankfully it finished shortly after my last blog post. I don’t think i could have lasted much longer with my head in the toilet (or vomit bag/ bathroom sink/ anywhere) Kudos to all the mummas out there who have had to put up with being sick the whole pregnancy -i swear you are all superwomen!

In my last post (which you can read here), i wrote about how i found out i was pregnant and the guilt i felt when i had to tell my (relatively new) bosses that i was expecting. What i didn’t write was that just a few weeks earlier they moved me into a new department with new responsibilities and that very same day those two pink lines showed up, i was training my replacement on reception. Oops!!! I told them at 8 weeks and they were happy for me, which i knew they would be but it was scary none the less!!

At 18 weeks, i started feeling little kicks. Some people describe those little movements like “popcorn popping” in your stomach or “butterflies”. To me, it literally felt like tiny kicks, no analogies for me lol. I am currently 21 weeks and my husband can’t feel any kicks on the outside yet – i am patiently waiting until then, i feel like this pregnancy is not as real to him as it is to me.

2 weeks ago we went to a free baby and children first aid course that is run by Tiny Hearts First Aid. It was on a saturday and went from 9:30 – 12:00. Now I’d really love to tell you that i was a good student and sat and watched the whole time, but in reality my morning sickness came back for a day and i had to leave the auditorium 7 TIMES to vomit in the bathroom. Imagine all those eyes following you as you run down the stairs each time wondering “what the hell was wrong with that girl”… well it felt like they were all judging me but to be honest they were all parents or parents to be so they would have known. Phew!

In the weeks up until now, i have met the midwives that were assigned to me (public hospital) met with the hospital doctor and seen the midwife for a second time. Each time they have sent me away to get some more tests. The first time i needed more blood drawn and the second time they took a pee sample to check for a urinary tract infection (which i already had quite early on without any symptoms). The midwife did a quick check before she sent the pee to the lab to be tested and they said that i had glucose in my urine which could mean i have gestational diabetes and that she would call me if i did indeed have it, its been a week and no call so I’m sure I’m in the clear. I did leave a message to check but i told her she only had to call me back if it was bad news. All i know is i drank juice before i went and dr google told me that it can happen sometimes. LOL. I was also told that i had only put on 2kgs during my pregnancy and that she was worried i wasn’t eating enough. I’m eating as much as i usually do, i can’t help it if it comes back up though! Lucky that’s not an issue anymore, phew. I had a few extra kgs on me before i fell pregnant so I’m not too worried that i haven’t gained as much as i “should” have.

We have been very lucky to have had a safe pregnancy so far with no complications other than epic vomit sessions and symptom-less infections, lets hope we are just as lucky for the next 20 weeks.

Thanks for reading!

Rikki-Lee xxx



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