The rocky end to 2015

2015 was a difficult year for me. I returned to work in February from a two month break from my job. My anxiety had just gotten too much for me to handle on my own.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I should have left my last job when I took the time off. The 12 months prior to me going on my break was filled with a number of signs that I should have left to try something new. I had overstayed my welcome there. I had been with this company since I was 18 years old, starting in reception, (leaving after 3 years to study childcare, got bored) returned to the same job, got promoted in to accounts payable/receivable,  started and finished my accounting course. I was there for a total of 8.5 years. Towards the end, the workplace became “very cliquey” and almost like we had reverted back to high school. I’m not sure if you have been at a job as long as I have and started from an entry level position as a junior, but a lot of the managers pigeon holed me to the position I started in 8 years prior. I wouldn’t have cared if I was thanked or appreciated, it was about the lack of respect that got to me the most.

In the end, I decided to up and leave due to a bully and discriminatory reasons. I won’t elaborate on that here as much I would like to… I still feel anger to this day, a year later. It took me about 3 months of serious searching to find a new job. I refused to just up and leave, I must have liked to torture myself. It made it hard to come to work every day in an environment that we weren’t respected in. I knew karma would work some magic, it has but it needs to work a little harder 😜!

The day of my work Christmas party in 2015, I went for a job interview. This company was one of the only job ads to put their business name on the ad. I love it when they do that as you can prepare more! I had the morning off before lunch in the city and met with 2 gentlemen. It was a casual conversation and I was greatful that I talk so easily with strangers. I was honest about why I was leaving my job and that I just wanted to find a job that I would be excited to come to everyday. They say you shouldn’t be so candid while job hunting, but i can’t help it and greatfully they were the same. The meeting went well and we talked like we’d spoken before. I left the meeting dying for the position. They had the same values as me and one thing that stood out for me was that they respected everyone, no matter what their position. 

I picked up a lady from my work to drive her into the city for the lunch. We were just about to enter the resteraunt and my phone rang – I had got the job. I nearly cried. It was perfect for me and as a bonus, it’s closer to home! I was sad to leave only 3 people at my work, but for now I had to be quiet and pretend to enjoy myself at the party, no one wanted to be there. We all had plans to leave as soon as possible and we listened to “someone” explain how amazing it was that 80% of our staff had turned over in the last year and didn’t acknowledge the people that had been on the business for 16 years um??! I resigned on the Monday.I’m glad i made the decision to leave. My last day of work was the 31st of December. I gave 3 weeks notice. Once 5:30 hit, I was the happiest I had EVER been in a while. It was a great feeling and a different one to be excited for the future for once! New Year’s Eve was a perfect day to finish!

My next blog, I will be recapping 2016! Stay tuned!


p.s – how good was my goodbye card πŸ˜‚

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