2016 – you have been amazing!

I am so grateful that I was able to leave 2015 and the last few shitty years in the past – literally when the clock turned to 12:00am on the 1st of January, the past was in the past! A fresh start, just what I needed!

Here is an idea of why I have had the best year this year!

  1. I started my new job. Literally EVERYONE is amazing and all gets along. I’ve found heaven. I never thought I would enjoy working as much as I do
  2. Worked for 3 days then left to get married! Wooo!

  3. Spent some time with Heather as she moved back from Canberra in December

  4. Went on our honeymoon to Hamilton Island and got to hold a koala! (Have wanted to do this longer than I have wanted to get married haha! Ps ignore the ugly bathers, my triangle bikinis don’t hold in the puppies 😂)

  5. Celebrated my cousin/best friend Heather’s hens weekend in Rye

  6. Was maid of honour at Heather and Mitch’s wedding in March

  7. Filmed some exciting stuff for Liptember, the mental health charity that I support which appeared on tv

  8. Found out I was pregnant!

  9. Celebrated Jess’s hens night

  10. Celebrated Jess and Michaels wedding

  11. Had our 10 year high school reunion

  12. Made some new friends (through Heather lol)

Around about and June and July, my anxiety started to flare up a bit but I was lucky I was able to shut it down. Part of the reason I’m sure that was that we conceived in July and I must have had a few million hormones just floating around in there, messing up my system. Once I knew I was pregnant then it was ok. I noticed my anxiety shifted as I knew there was a reason I was feeling “off” and now there’s something other than myself that I need to care for!

It’s refreshing to finish the year on a high note, I can’t wait for next year! 😍

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