how do i mum???

In 2009, I decided on a career change. There was not enough work in my job at the time as i kept having to ask my bosses for more work. I was only around 20 years old and had enough of sitting on my butt in reception, waiting around for the phone to ring.

One thing i enjoyed at work was when my colleague, Gaby, would bring in her baby while she would work. Our office was pretty quiet and there were not many visitors. He was the perfect baby, he used to sleep in Gaby’s office – that is until i used to steal him and sit him next to me in reception and cuddle him while answering the phones! I started to talk to my mum and told her i wanted to do something else – and childcare seemed to be my next fit.

For as long as i can remember, i have loved children. I believe i have always been a very maternal girl. I used to tuck all my toys in at night with their own separate blankets (as I’m sure a lot of children did), treat every  toy like a baby and was so obsessed with my baby born. I remember going to science-works in about grade 3 and we watched a video about a lady giving birth. The blood, the screams, the babies head beginning to crown – i was amazed and obsessed. The other children were looking or running away but i couldn’t help but stare.”This is amazing!!!” I couldn’t keep my eyes away. Once the short film ended, it was free time to roam around to the next exhibit. I sat there and watched the video again. I knew that one day  that was the one thing that i want to do, that i would do and that i was 100% certain about doing in my life. Many girls dream about their wedding day. I never did. I never obsessed over the white dress or how i would wear my hair. I assumed i would probably get married but i focused on the baby haha! Eyes on the prize!!

I told my boss i would be leaving and enrolled to study my Diploma in Children’s Services. (This is around the time anxiety got to me so i only finished with my Certificate 3)
I learnt about the different stages of development in babies, how to care for a child from birth to 12 years old, how to change nappies, how to tell what it means by each different cry, how to resuscitate and care for an injured child, how to plan lessons for children in care….etc. I was the next best thing in helping a child grow while their parents were at work providing for their family.

Now, do you know what…. I DON’T REMEMBER A THING!!! Oh my god. How am i going to mum??? Will it come back to me? Will my son be different? I have never been a parent -i can never give this child back to their parents at the end of the day, WILL AND I WILL BE THE PARENTS!

Our baby is arriving in April. I am not panicking about this what so ever (which is great and soooo not like me lol) I am just anticipating what i do not know. I can’t wait to find out everything to know about him and even in Will and I. No doubt this will be hard at times and how difficult it would be to have your heart beating on the outside of your body!!

I can’t wait to start our new life. It’s both scary and exciting to think that im already 25 weeks 🙂 There’s nothing that i love more than feeling him kicking my insides. (Note: I say this now, but i may take this back haha)

Forever impatient like a typical gen-Y!

RB xx


  1. You were the perfect Aunty Rikki to both William and Megan. Not just when they were babies but as they got older. You always took the time to play, talk and listen to them when they came into work. They still remember as do I.

    Your son is so lucky that you are his Mummy. You are such a wonderful person, patient, kind and great fun. He is blessed already.



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