Our 1 year anniversary!

16-01-16 ♥️

It’s safe to say that 2016 flew by and now one year later, is our first anniversary tomorrow!

Will and i have been together for what seems like an eternity – well actually in February it will mark a decade together. We started hanging out towards the end of the year in the last year of high school. In year 10, Will asked me if i was new to the school (LOL, i went to that school the whole time but our school houses never mixed and we were never in the same classes) at the time i was collecting money for Amnesty International. He kept pretending to put money in the tin and expected me to give him a sticker. No money, no sticker! Don’t be cheeky.
It wasn’t until the next year that we added each other on Myspace and started chatting. I always finished my comments to everyone with an “xoxo” and he took that as a sign that he was “in” he later told me. LOL. We started hanging out around exam time and later started dating in February. A few things i liked about him was that he was a gentleman (well as much as you can be as a 18 year old boy), he was kind and he generally wanted to spend time with me rather than only having on bloody thing on his mind HAHA.

We chose Will’s parents house for a few reasons. I wanted a place that was green and full of trees, somewhere close by, personal and somewhere with a reception venue close by. Their backyard looks onto a golf course and a beautiful lake. Wills mum and dad got married in this yard when his grandparents owned it and his grandparents ashes are even scattered in the garden which makes it extra special. I had no back up plan if the weather turned (although I’m sure the golf course would have let us set up in there) but we were lucky that it was 26 degrees on the day. It was important for me to keep my mind busy and make a lot of the items for our wedding. This was the difficult year for me (you can ready about it here) and i had a lot of free time and a year to complete the tasks. I created our seating chart, wishing well, table numbers, repackaged water bottles with different labels and a few other things. I even painted and decorated the arch that stood with us at the alter. I nearly didn’t use it – and i wish i followed my heart on that one. Would have much rathered to use the apple tree as the background but oh well.

Woohoo! 16-01-16

Our bridal team was made up of my cousin Heather, my friend Brooke and our friends from school, Dorey and Chavez. Our ring bearer was Will’s newphew Isaac and Neice Ellie.

Heather, myself and Brooke

Chavez, Will and Dorey

Isaac, myself and Ellie

The wedding day was a bag of mixed emotions for us. For Will, he was confused at what he had to do on the day – he let me plan the wedding so i literally gave him a piece of paper on the morning of and said “do whatever until 2:30 when you need to be at your mum’s” LOL. So easy for him.

For me, i felt a few different things. Excitement that i was marrying my best friend but plagued with anxiety. My anxiety/agoraphobia comes from not being able to leave a situation if i am feeling unwell. You have a fight or flight reflex – mine tells me to get the hell out of there. My medication at the time was a “take as you need” type drug – clonazepam – i tried to go most of the day without taking it so it could last me into the night. There were a few times where i burst out crying while getting ready – not for cold feet, but from the anxiety. I mean, this wedding could not happen without me. This day was about us, it can’t be a wedding without the bride. I also didn’t want to keep our guests waiting. The thoughts running through my head were telling me “what if you’re sick or you have a panic attack, it will wreck the day. You will let everyone down. What if Will thinks you don’t want to marry him if you show up late?” I took the clonazepam about 1 hour before i was due to walk down the aisle, i stopped crying and i walked down the isle to my husband-to-be.

Anxiety can affect even the most happiest days. I am lucky my husband is accepting and i don’t really get anxiety with him when we go out. He calms me down just by being there, i feel 100% safe with him.


Even i got over the pictures in the end. 🙂

We had so much fun drinking, dancing and celebrating with our friends and family. Majority of my guests were from my side of the family and a few close friends, Will’s side was his immediate family and a lot of his friends. I wish my anxiety didn’t hover over me the way it did but if you take that out of the equation- it was a fantastic day that started the next chapter of our lives and I’m so thankful that we got to spend it with our my favourite people.

90 of our closest friends and family

To my husband, I can’t imagine myself with anyone else but you. Here’s to the next 10 years 😍


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