Usually, I am most relaxed when I am watching tv. That is, until now. None of my shows have started back yet might be part of that reason but I just cannot sit still!

My problem at the moment is for the last week (week 34), I have found myself not able to be on my feet for as long and therefore unable to do the things I want to do. My poor husband and dogs, all they want to do is go for a nice walk but I can’t even walk to the Milkbar without feeling like the baby is about to fall out my vagina.

As we speak I’m sitting on the couch with dull pains where I would usually get period pain and I’m hoping that he decides to stay in a little bit longer… I have been feeling the Braxton hicks a lot more that’s for sure. I still have 2 weeks of work left which means I’ll be working until 37 weeks. Lucky my job is mostly sitting down even though I like going for walks into the warehouse. Cue the comments “look at your waddle” hehe. I don’t mind it, I waddle with the little nugget sitting on my bladder. We found the lady who will take over my position today which is exciting! She better be a quick learner!

Will asked me today if there was anything I wanted to do before the baby comes. Like a night out, dinner or staying in the city type occasion. I just want my kitchen painted. LOL. I feel like a lion that has been locked up in front of its dinner and it just can’t get to it…. I need to be the one to paint this kitchen. I have painted the rest of the house myself and have claimed it as my task. Lol. My edging skills are terrible but I really do enjoy painting and might put it off until I can do it myself. (I am aware that in the near future we will probably be so sleep deprived that we couldn’t be bothered lifting a finger… so it will kill me to hire someone to do it for us… but I might just cave… πŸ˜‚)

What I have been able to do was apply wall stickers to the babies wall. I got a packet of Kmart wall stickers in black, teal and black and white stripped triangles. I cut out the triangles individually and bluetacked them roughly to the wall. Then I measured them out and peeled then stuck them to the wall. It looks pretty even, except some of the triangles are on a pretty weird angles.πŸ”ΊπŸ”ΊπŸ”ΊπŸ”»πŸ”Ί have a look for yourself, I think I’ve done a bloody fantastic job 😜

The clothes have been washed, the drawers have been labeled, the bouncer has been assembled and the changer has been stocked. What’s next on my to do list is to clean my car and the seats in it so the car seat can go in. Babies bag is packed and mummy’s is half packed… I don’t fit into much at the moment so my plan is to grab the shirts as needed on the day of labour…. if not, I’ll be topless. Oh well. Not like the hospital isn’t going to take all my dignity during birth anyway!

This has been a spur of the moment post. Yet again, my favourite type.


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