The second 20 weeks (or in my case, 17 weeks!)

It was fair to say that after 20 weeks, pregnancy was a lot more enjoyable!

Once the morning sickness disappeared, I was so much happier and has so much more energy. There was basically no complaints for at least 2 months.

When 28 weeks arrived, I noticed a few things;

  • My right boob was leaking colostrum already!
  • Walking was hurting my stomach ligaments even more
  • Waddling a lot more
  • I thought I was huge and couldn’t get any bigger (clearly I was wrong!)

Once I got to 30 weeks;

  • THE LEG CRAMPS, HOLY SHIT 😫 worse than the cramps I used to get every now and then when I did Irish dancing
  • Peeing increased, never thought it could pee more than I already had been
  • Going for walks is just not a good idea 
  • Getting to lunch time at work and nearly falling asleep 😴 
  • More booby leakage
  • Stretch marks finally came in at 32 weeks… been waiting for you little suckers. 
  • I had no belly button. Alien!

Past 35 weeks;

  • The babies head was so far in my vagina that I felt like there was a belt going across each side of my vagina that it would snap like a belt lol
  • Tired, tired, tired, probably should have finished work at 36 weeks BECAUSE
  • My waters broke at exactly 37 weeks. LITERALLY THE DAY AFTER I FINISHED WORK! I TOLD everyone he would come early, I could quite literally “feel it in my waters” haha there went my plan to cook yummy meals for me to freeze while on maternity leave so I didn’t have to cook when baby comes πŸ˜‚

Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing. It is so amazing that two people coming together (…. LOL) can create a life. Women are totally unbelievable in the way that they can carry a baby for 9 months and watch their bodies change to accommodate this. Go us! 

I was asked what pregnancy felt like to me and it changed depending on which trimester I was in.

  • An amazing experience 
  • Not enjoyable a lot of the time
  • Uncomfortable
  • Feeling baby move is everything 😍
  • Being impatient
  • This is what life is about!
  • Worth it

I am so lucky to have had this experience and to share it with my lovely husband.

*As I finished the end of this post, my waters had broken with no contractions. My next post will be a birth experience story (I need to write it down to get it out, it was traumatic 😫). Please don’t think I sat in labour and wrote this whole blog πŸ˜‚*

RB πŸ’™

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