Breasts and MRI’s

In my last post, I wrote briefly about how hard it is to breastfeed Hunter. I am simply not enjoying it at all and because it’s difficult, I have been staying home to try and focus on getting him into a routine. It hasn’t really worked and I don’t want to get into my old habits that I had when I had anxiety, where i would stay at home cause I was most comfortable there.

At 32 or so weeks, I started producing colostrum. In my right breast, just one duct was leaking blood. The nurses at Casey hospital told me that this is something called “rusty pipes” (which is made up and explained that sometimes this just happens) When I was in hospital, I started to express milk to bring to Hunter in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and the blood in my right boob milk was making that u drinkable. Too much blood upsets his already delicate stomach especially since one of the reasons he was still in the hospital was because there was blood in his belly. The nurses here were worried about my bleeding  and sent me down to get an ultrasound. What else did I need this time… It was not fun in hospital, it felt like everything went wrong. They were looking for a lump to rule out cancer. Luckily, the ultrasound showed nothing out of the ordinary and it stopped after 3 days of pumping.

They referred me to the breast specialist just incase and today was my appointment. Mind you it was an 8:45am appointment and I waited 2 hours šŸ˜”… once I got in, he had a feel of my boobs and even though I went in to the clinic empty (I expressed so he could have a good feel) he took so long that my milk built back up and leaked all over him haha. Serves you right buddy!!

He asked me how keen I was on breastfeeding because he wants to do an MRI on me but to do an MRI you cannot have any breastmilk or interferes with seeing things on the test apparently. I feel like it’s already been decided for me I am to stop breastfeeding… it’s a sign lol. I’m sure everything will be fine but it’s just to rule out any lumps and bumps. I’m sure it was just hormonal. I still feel guilty that breastfeeding hasn’t been easy for me. I believe that a fed baby is best but I am so into natural things that I feel bad that I can’t do it.

The test will be in around 6 weeks, I need to slowly reduce my supply and then wait 4 weeks for it to fully dry up. Bring on the cabbage bras!

Hopefully all the difficult things for us will be put behind us soon.

Love spending time with my little man, he’s worth all the issues.

RB xxx

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